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Affordable Auto Insurance in Abilene TX


Affordable Insurance Agency is an American insurance company, and was established in October 1998 with a goal of providing excellent customer service and insurance products to Abilene TX.  With over 20 years of combined experience you can always expect us to provide you with the friendly service that you deserve. We can provide you with affordable auto insurance, affordable home owners insurance, cheap motorcycle insurance, Mexico travel insurance, and required SR22 insurance.

We have affordable homeowners insurance and motorcycle insurance at your fingertips!

We can provide you with affordable auto insurance for your car, home, RV, motorcycle and mobile home in Abilene TX. We know that the economy is rough right now, so we make sure that you are not spending a fortune on car insurance either.  We make the process intuitive, easy, and hassle free, so you do not waste a second of your time.

Our cheap motorcycle insurance rates are sure to amaze you. Our down payments are so low; you won’t believe your eyes. We are an insurance company that does not prey upon its own customers. We pride ourselves in the relationships we have developed over the years with many of them, and we will not change that as our priority period. If you need required SR22 insurance, we have you more than covered!

If you think our car insurance was cheap, just wait till you hear about our affordable homeowners insurance! Your house is your castle, and is in need of good defenses against flooding, fires, and bugler marauders. Now put down that shovel. There is no need to dig a moat with affordable insurance agency. We will protect your home and ensure that you will be protected if things do go awry.

Don’t get stuck in the sand down in Mexico without a Mexico travel insurance policy. Getting into an accident or lost in Texas can put a damper on even the brightest of days. Running into trouble in Mexico could be a recipe for disaster by comparison. Do not isolate yourself; Affordable Insurance Agency will be there for you when you need it most.


We pride ourselves in our ability to satisfy our customers' needs when it comes to affordable auto insurance, affordable homeowners insurance, cheap motorcycle insurance, Mexico travel insurance, and required SR22 insurance in Abilene TX.  Here at American Insurance Agency, in our minds, there is no doubt our American insurance opportunities will supersede your previous ones!