About Us


Affordable Bail Bonds is licensed in Brazos County and serves all courts and jail facilities in Bryan, Texas and College Station, Texas. When an individual is arrested and placed in custody in the Brazos County Jail or the College Station Police Department Jail, there may or may not be a preset bond. Most misdemeanor offenses have a pre-set bond. Depending on the misdemeanor offense, however, a person may have to see a magistrate to have a bail bond set.

All felony offenders must see a magistrate to have a bail bond set. Once a bond amount is set, a bail bond may be posted at the jail for the release of custody of the defendant. The defendant will remain free while the court case proceeds. Bail is posted by the bail bond company to ensure that the defendant will appear in court each and every time he or she is ordered to appear.

Before posting a bail bond for an individual, certain things must be in place. The bail bond company requires each and every bail bond to be secured in some way. In most cases bail bonds are secured with a co-signer. The co-signer is taking responsibility for the defendant’s appearance in court. If the defendant fails to appear in court, the co-signer then becomes liable for the full amount of the bond. In some cases, collateral, worth the amount of the bail bond, is received in lieu of a co-signer. This decision is totally up to the bail bond company.

Once co-signers or collateral are in place, payment must be made to the bail bond company before the bond is posted. The fee for the bail bond is set by the bail bond company. This fee is determined by the risk of the bail bond. Low risk bonds are usually set at 10% of the bond amount. Affordable Bail Bonds will post a bond for any municipal, misdemeanor, or felony offenses in Brazos County.