Products & Services

Water Filtration Systems, Well Water Treatment(private wells, community wells, and city/county water), Water Purification Systems: Water Softeners, Acid Neutralizers,Iron Breaker Systems,Ultraviolet Lights, Arsenic Removal Systems, Whole house filters etc.; Water Treatment(chlorination & run-off); Free Water Analysis for Iron(rusty orange, brown, yellow staining),Acid (pH: blue/green staining), Sediment, Bad Water Smells, Water Hardness, Bad Tasting Water, Cloudy Water; Rebeds(Media replacement in Acid Neutralizers & Water Softeners); Water Testing Lab Sampling & Lab Reports for Lenders, to obtain CO's or just for peace of mind; Most common Lab Testing: Total Coliform (Coliform & e.coli bacteria), Lead, Nirate/Nitrite. We work closely with Wake County Environmental, Johnston County Environmental, Local Builders, and Realtors to satisfy water treatment needs! Satisfaction guaranteed, guaranteed results with the best available equipment and warranties.  Quick reliable service, Messages returned within 24 hours. Free estimates on replacing your worn out equipment. We service most brands including Culligan, Rainsoft, Lancaster, Cuno, Autotrol, Fleck,